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The harvest at Wraxall Vineyard with James overseeing the process.

About Us

You need a great team to run a great Vineyard and we have a brilliant team.
"Wine and friends, are a great blend."
Ernest Hemingway
Lexa, David and our family took on the Vineyard in February 2021, we are all passionate about Wraxall and the desire to nurture the vineyard to make the best wine we can.
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Lexa with her daughter amid the vines at Wraxall Vineyard in Somerset
David tending the vines at Wraxall Vineyard in Somerset

Our Team

Lexa & David and Our Family

Passionate about wine and Somerset
Lexa and David have both run and grown businesses previously, albeit both in financial services. David sold his business 2018 and it was at that time that we started to look for a house in the countryside and focussed on Somerset – subsequently falling in love with Wraxall Lodge – a 200 year old farmhouse in need of renovation, next door to a Vineyard. Our wine journey started in 2021, persuaded by our family to take on the Vineyard we saw opportunities to make great wine through developing both the Vineyard itself and the visitor facilities.

With four daughters and two sons-in-law, all at different stages of their lives, they are all involved from strategic thinking, harvesting, designing and of course, enjoying the wine!
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James managing the harvest at Wraxall Vineyard_
James harvesting the grapes

James Brooking Clark

James manages all aspects of the vineyard. Somerset born and bred, he is passionate about the vines, the grapes that we grow and the wine we make.
Stevie Pottier enjoying a sunny harvest at Wraxall Vineyard
Steve Potier - he's a grape growing genius

Stevie Potier

Stevie has been nurturing the vines at Wraxall for over 10 years. His knowledge and experience in the vineyard are second to none.
Joel working hard during the harvest at Wraxall Vineyard
Joel inspecting the grapes with TLC

Joel Jorgensen

Joel is an expert viticulturalist consultant from Veraison. A self-proclaimed ‘vine nerd with muddy hands’; Joel not only loves his work - he’s brilliant at it!
Lottie Carpenter Events Co-ordinator at Wraxall Vineyard
Lottie in her element amongst the vines

Lottie Carpenter

As Events and Commercial Manager, Lottie brings her expertise in hospitality to the Vineyard; she runs fascinating Tours and curates unique events for our guests. Growing up in Bruton has ignited Lottie’s two passions of the outdoors and dogs, which she combines while exploring all Somerset has to offer.
Billy looking for mischief and maybe Bertie
Bertie looking for Billy (who is on the sofa at home)

Billy and Bertie

No Vineyard is complete without its vineyard dogs!
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Come and Meet the Team

We would love to show you around our very special vineyard. Here at Wraxall there is so much to learn, discover and enjoy. Bring your friends and your boots, we'll have a wonderful time together.
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Share, celebrate and enjoy.
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